Occupation Details

Wage details for All Occupations in Mississippi
Total Employees:1080420
Average Hourly Wage:$16.98
Average Annual Wage:$35,310.00
Hourly 10th Percentile Wage:$8.16
Hourly 25th Percentile Wage:$9.27
Hourly 50th Percentile Wage:$0.00
Hourly 75th Percentile Wage:$20.30
Hourly 90th Percentile Wage:$29.57
Annual 10th Percentile Wage:$16,970.00
Annual 25th Percentile Wage:$19,290.00
Annual 50th Percentile Wage:$0.00
Annual 75th Percentile Wage:$42,220.00
Annual 90th Percentile Wage:$61,510.00

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